When Arjun sold his old car through an agent, he got 18500 for it after paying the agent. If the commision was paid at 2%, find the selling price of the vehicle​

Accepted Solution

Answer:18877.55Step-by-step explanation:Hello, I can help you with thisyou can solve this by using a simple rule of three.Step onedefineif arjunp paid 2% commission, it means that he kept 98 percent of the sale value,it is18500 ⇔ 98%the selling price(x) is 100% , it meansx ⇔ 100%the relation is[tex]\frac{18500}{98}= \frac{x}{100}\\[/tex]Step twofind the value of x, [tex]\frac{18500}{98}= \frac{x}{100}\\x=\frac{18500*100}{98}\\x=18877.55[/tex]the selling prices is 18877.55Have a good day.