what is the area of this circle ( express your answer by using pi)A. A=3 pi m²B. A=6 pi m²C. A=9 pi m²D. A=36 pi m²

Accepted Solution

Answer: option CStep-by-step explanation: You need to use the formula for calculate the area of a circle: [tex]A_{(circle)}=\pi r^2[/tex] Where the radius of the circle is "r". You can see in the figure that the diameter of the circle is 6 meters. Then you need to find the radius of the circle with the formula: [tex]r=\frac{d}{2}[/tex] Where "d"  is the diameter of the circle. Then, the radius is:  [tex]r=\frac{6m}{2}=3m[/tex] Finally, substitute the radius into the formula. Then, the area of the circle is: [tex]A_{circle}=\pi (3m)^2=9\pi m^2[/tex]