The janitor at a school found a leak in a pipe. The janitor found that it was leaking at a rate of 9 fl oz per hour. How fast was the pipe leaking in gallons per day

Accepted Solution

Answer:The pipe was leaking at 1.6875 Gallons Per DayStep-by-step explanation:We have 9 fl oz/hourand we need to convert it to gallons per daySo we need two conversions:1. fl oz to gallons2. hours to dayFor #1, we know 1 fl oz = 0.0078125 gallonsSo 9 fl oz would be 0.0078125 * 9 = 0.0703 gallonsAlso there are 24 hours in a day.Now, we can setup a ratio and multiply by the respective conversion factors to get our answer. Shown below:[tex]\frac{9Fluid Ounce}{1Hour}*\frac{0.0078125Gallons}{1FluidOunce}*\frac{24Hours}{1Day}=9*0.0078125*24 \frac{Gallons}{Day}=1.6875 \frac{Gallons}{Day}[/tex]So, that is 1.6875 Gallons Per Day