Roland’s Boat Tours sells deluxe and economy seats for each tour it conducts. In order to complete a tour, at least 1 economy seats must be sold and at least 6 deluxe seats must be sold. The maximum number of passengers allowed on each boat is 30 Roland’s Boat Tours makes $40 profit for each economy seat sold and $35 profit for each deluxe seat sold. What is the maximum profit from one tour?

Accepted Solution

Answer:$1170Step-by-step explanation:Let the sells for economy seats be =xLet the sells for deluxe seats be=yThe inequalities that can be obtained are;x≥1  --------------------at least 1 economy seatsy≥6 --------------------at least 6 deluxe seatsx+y=30-----------------maximum number of passengers allowed on each boatGraph the inequalitiesUse the graph tool to locate the point of maximum profit.The intersecting point for the three graphsThe point is (24,6)Hence, x=24 and y=6Profit for eachEconomy seats 24×$40=$960Deluxe seats 6×$35=$210Maximum profit for one tour$960+$210=$1170