megan cut 108 roses to make flower arrangements. she made 9 equal arrangements. how many roses were in each arrangement. ​

Accepted Solution

Answer: 12 ROSESStep-by-step explanation:If we translate the problem to numbers you will see something like this:[tex]x*9=108[/tex]Where:[tex]x=the number of roses for each arrangements\\9=the amount of arrangements made\\108= the total of roses cut[/tex]So you have to solve the equation:Its a first grade equation, you have to past the value with his product inverse, so the product transform into a division.Then you have to solve the division between 108 and 9 to obtain the value:[tex]x=\frac{108}{9} \\\\x= 12[/tex]And thats all.To verify, now you can replace the x on the equation for the obtained value.[tex]12*9=108[/tex]Greetings