Find -4u + 2v??????????????

Accepted Solution

Answer:<14, 0>Step-by-step explanation:I know this question looks like a pain, but no worries! It's simple operations; just multiplication and addition/subtraction. What this problem has is two vectors, u and v, and it wants you to find the sum of those two vectors after they're multiplied by a scalar. So what this actually looks like is:-4<-6, 1> + 2<-5, 2>All you have to do is first distribute that number out front (called a scalar) to the vectors inside.<24, -4> + <-10, 4>Adding them isn't as visually straightforward, but what you actually do is combine these two vectors one coordinate at a time. You take 24 and -10 (the two coordinates in the first position of both vectors) and add them. You should get 14. Now do the same with the second position, -4 and 4. If you add those two, you get 0.Therefore, these two vectors added together gives you the vector <14, 0>.